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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 24, 2008

My LA Adventure is well under way. I'm working on an independent feature film project called, "Pig". Don't let the name throw you off, the script is very good, the writer/director has won awards for his work at Sundance and the producer has launched the film careers of some very famous directors. More on all that later.

In the meantime, week one was fun and rough!

Fun: My first weekend was with Chase. He had a "to do" list for me, and, nothing makes me happier. My good friend, Susan, came through for a day. She and her husband, Stephen were headed to Israel from Maui. Susan, whose in-laws live pratically next door to Chase, and I spent Saturday together catching up.

More fun: Met my new roommates. Jill and Joe Lazarov are very good friends of Nancy's. How lucky am I that Nancy insisted I meet Jill when I was in LA in May. Jill offered a place to stay if I ended up with an LA project. Turn's out that she and Joe live about 10 minutes from where I work. They have an awesome house (with a pool :-)), are super, super nice and obviously very generous to take in a stranger.

Rough: I had to buy a vehicle almost as soon as I got here. The producer barely mentioned that the production was looking for a van. So, "Miss Jump In" (me), offered to make my vehicle a van. That's how I ended up driving a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan around the city. Now that's the image I was hoping to put out there - NOT! But, I sucked it up and got a great deal on my new low mileage van, Sallie. So far so good.

Rough: Learning your way around LA in a van.

Fun: Dale's sister, Valerie, came in from San Fran to visit her daughter, Sharzad. It was so much fun to visit with them on Monday night for dinner and Tuesday night to watch the Laker's get clobbered on an 8'x12 foot screen at a friend of Sharzad's. Ok, the clobbering was Rough.

Fun: Getting to know Mark Stolaroff, the producer of "Pig". Mark is great! He is fantastic to work with and so easy to be around. He's very bright and another extremely generous person. He is the expert on indie films. I have an opportunity to make a big contribution to the film and learn a ton.

Fun: Chase's birthday, last Wednesday! First time in years we have actually been together to celebrate. His adorable girlfriend, Amy (love her) and I took him to a great sushi restaurant, Hiko. He was super busy and had to go back to work that night (rough for him).

Fun: Jill turned me on to a new workout! Cardio Barre. Check it out at

Fun: Working out! I've tried Cardiobarre, Valley Crossfit, running the neighborhoods of Valley Village, and have a membership at Gold's Gym. Can't wait to try out Black Dog Yoga. EVERYBODY I've met does some kind of workout! I could be in heaven.

Rough: Thanks to my fantastic hair colorist, Jamie, I've just finished reading "The China Study" and "Skinny Bitch". Both books offer compelling arguments for eating only WHOLE PLANT FOODS. That means no animal - no dairy, no eggs, no meat, no fish. Read these books! I'm in. Well, part way. So far the only foods I have eaten that are not WHOLE PLANT FOODS are yogurt and salmon. I need to read Oprah's bog. She's been doing the same thing.

Rough: My second LA parking ticket. There were no cars parked in front of Mark's building. "Yippee", I thought, "upfront parking." WRONG! No parking on Monday 8a-12n for street cleaning. $50. Ouch!

Rough: Waking up on Sunday, feeling homesick for all my Atlanta friends and family. Don't worry, though, I am having a blast and wouldn't be anywhere else!


Jenlucas27 said...

I'm so glad you're having fun and learning tons! I knew you would...
Now its time for you to post some pics to that blog of yours missy, or at least post some on your facebook page. We all miss you tons and I'm so bummed I didn't get to catch up with you before you left. :( That's okay though...just means you'll have to let me come visit. I moved into your old cube today by the way...soaking up all the "good billing" karma. I'm very excited to be in your space. Keep in touch wonderwoman! xo- Jenny

JR said...

I loved this...thanks for sharing. I'll be checking this regularly, so you better keep updating.

It was nice catching up with you yesterday.

I am so happy for you - you're living THE life (even if THE life includes driving a van!) :)

Love ya - JR