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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back in LA!

Home finally. After two days on the road and two days of running errands, life is sort of returning to normal. I have amazing memories of my first location shoot: meeting and working with fun and talented actors and crew. Seriously, the most fun I've ever had. The biggest lesson is that location shooting is an alien experience with its own sense of time and place. Yes, Roger, I feel a little depressed.

Next up is a hard court press on "PIG". We start shooting November 8. Working on crew and locations. I'm helping Mark produce, so no more slaving away in the kitchen!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Wapanitia Pass, Frog Lake, Blue Box Pass, Trillion Lake. These are signs I read every day on my 20 mile commute to the set of "The Presence". With Mt. Hood as a backdrop, the scenery is beautiful. Unfortunately, there is hardly a minute to enjoy the incredible lakes, hiking trails, and camping areas found in this part of Oregon. There's too much work to do!

My job is making sure 38 cast and crew members get fed 3 times a day, 6 days a week. Not easy! This group is experienced and their expectations are high. It's not the job I thought I'd be doing, or was prepared for in any way. There are professionals who usually provide catering and craft services (food on set all day) to film crews. Due to our remote location, the producers felt it would be more cost effective to hire an unsuspecting soul to get the job done. Yikes!

With a little on line research, I compiled a list of supplies and headed to Costco. Now, after 3 weeks and the help of Bill from The Ratskeller and Ricardo from The Huckleberry, two local restaurants, I've wrestled this project to the ground. Cast and crew seem happy and I've actually slept more than 4 hours the last two nights.

That's the hard part. The fun part is meeting and hanging out with everyone here. The cast is really incredible; Mira Sorvino, Justin Kirk, Shane West and Tony Curran. The crew is fantastic! Most are from LA and have tons of experience. I'm learning from the pros. Here are a few shots in and around the set.

Our location is very remote with limited cell service. We found this mark on the road.

Base camp for the actors' trailers and hair, makeup and waredrobe.

The Mess Hall where everyone gets fed.