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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back in LA!

Home finally. After two days on the road and two days of running errands, life is sort of returning to normal. I have amazing memories of my first location shoot: meeting and working with fun and talented actors and crew. Seriously, the most fun I've ever had. The biggest lesson is that location shooting is an alien experience with its own sense of time and place. Yes, Roger, I feel a little depressed.

Next up is a hard court press on "PIG". We start shooting November 8. Working on crew and locations. I'm helping Mark produce, so no more slaving away in the kitchen!

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Trifioso said...

Hello Jocelyn. I can't remember how I found the link to your blog, but I LOVE reading about your adventures. Pretty far removed from my exciting life as a housewife in Massachusetts, that is for sure! Though I do have a KILLER scone recipe, should you ever needs one.....Please post when you can. You are a great writer, and I love to hear about your work! Fondly, E