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Monday, September 1, 2008

Off to Oregon!

I've been hired on a new production! "The Presence" is a ghost story starring Oscar winner, Mira Sorvino. Filming takes place on location at the Historic Ranger's Cabin at Clackamas Lake, about an hour outside of Portland, Oregon. Tom Provost and Tom Rice, the writer/director and producer, respectively, invited me to be part of their 30 member cast and crew on Mark Stolaroff's recommendation. Shooting takes place over four weeks in this very isolated location. We'll be housed at the Collins Lake Resort in the village of Government Camp. Government Camp, located on the south slope of Mt. Hood is known for two things. It's the only place in the US where you can ski year-round and it's home to the Timberline Lodge, where Stanley Kubrick shot exteriors for "The Shining". Spooky.

Best part of this project, I'm getting paid! And the "Pig Mobile" has also been hired. That means I'll be driving the fourteen hour trip through northern California to get there. My goal is to take lots of pictures and keep posting. Oh, my job on the film? I'm Production Hostess, responsible for keeping everyone fed, happy and feeling taken care of . . . in other words, dispenser of Southern Hospitality!
Check out the project and where we are staying at the two new links, Khartoum Fims, and Collins Lake Resort.


Anonymous said...


I received a link back to your blog through google. I'm thrilled to hear of yet another new film in the works for Goran Visnjic, and as I run a fansite and message board for him, would like to both link back to your blog and post the film updatess for our members. I'm also interested in hosting as many pictures of Goran from the shooting as you care to send our way in our video gallery. Feel free to email me or visit our site: Bleu Profond 2: A Goran Visnjic Website @ hank you! JD/

Kayte said...

Congrats on the hire and all the great opportunities - I'm glad your leap of faith out to LA is paying off!