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Sunday, July 6, 2008


Here are a few of the reason, I'm enjoying LA so much. First there's Jill, who has given me a place to live. Jill grew up in the Valley. Yes, that makes her a Valley Girl. She spent about 20 years selling radio in LA and has transitioned to freelancing for an interactive agency. Jill is married to Joe. Joe was one of Nancy's closest friends when she was growing up in Memphis. I haven't met Joe yet, but he has a really cool job. Joe is the executive producer of Gossip Girl. That show is HOT! Jill and Joe's roommate is Jon Brody. Brody has the driest sense of humor I've ever encountered. He is also a producer on Gossip Girl. Brody's girlfriend is Kate. They love to run marathons. Then there's Brody's brother David. David is super smart, super nice and a brand specialist. Julie is David's girlfiend. She's a glass artisit and glass blower. She has a studio downtown and makes beautiful glass jewelry. Tonight I met Carrie and David who are friends of Jill, Joe, Brody, David and Julie. They are my predecessors here at the house. Three years ago, they came from Vancouver to stay with Jill and Joe for a week and stayed 6 months. Carrie is a producer on Ugly Betty. David is a director. His current project is Californication. Of course, I have to mention Mark Stolaroff who is technically, my boss. He's probably one of the nicest and most generous people I've ever met. And there's Henry Barrial who is the writer for the film I'm working on. I've also met Henry's wife, Eva, who is an actress. They have a 2 year old named Jaden.

All are very interesting people with interesting things going on in their lives. Everyone is down to earth and super nice. How lucky am I? Plus, I ran into Hyla, formerly from Star 94 and now on E! on XM Radio, in a restaurant in West Hollywood. Completely random.

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